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Glass Baby Bottles

Natursutten Glass Baby Bottles are made in France of borosillicate glass. Glass is the safer choice for your baby, free of BPA/BPS and other harmful chemicals that can leach from plastic.

Glass Baby Bottles

Glass Baby Bottles
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Our baby loves this paci, when we use a different brand, he just spits it out

Our Go-To Bottles

We are very happy with Natursutten glass bottles. We used them for our third baby 5 years ago, and I knew they were what I wanted to use for our fourth who was born a few months ago. Baby takes them with no issues, and the design of the bottles are great. The only complaint is how sticky the rubber nipples get after use/washing.

We love it

Baby isn’t here yet but this is my fifth baby. I have bought these products for and every single one of them since 2014. They have all been in love with the pacifiers. Can’t wait to try the bottles.

Glass Baby Bottles
Elizabeth M.
Fantastic bottles

I truly love using these bottles. I was looking for an alternative to plastic, both for sustainability and for my baby's health. Although these are more expensive than your average bottle, ultimately I'm so happy with my investment. My son took to them right away, they're easy to clean, and they are nice and durable. Also, they seem to effectively minimize his gas. I already bought sets in the 4oz and 8oz versions. Only things to consider are that they are slightly heavier (for throwing in a diaper bag) and are too narrow to fit some bottle brushes. These are very slight inconveniences and very easy to overcome. Cannot recommend these bottles enough.

My little girl loves these and my wife loves that they're rubber and not plastic

We haven’t used our bottles yet

Our baby is due end of June but the bottles look even better in person and we can’t wait to put them to use when needed.

My Granddaughter!

Her father says "she loves it!" So glad it's safe and easy to keep clean!

perfect non-toxic bottle

Exactly what I wanted. Durable so far: dropped it on the hard tile floor and only cracked the plastic attaching piece, but still works.
The glass in this bottle is safe with respect to heavy metals according to XRF tests by Lead Safe Mama.

Best pacifier on the market

My baby loves it. Quality made. Good value for price

Happy baby

His favorite, natural and received the order quickly

Best purchase. I won’t go back to anything else.

These pacifiers have become the favorite of the bunch, they're soft yet offer resistance with the air pocket in the nipple. The round is a similar profile to the bottle nipples and gets the baby used to that shape for feeding.



Natural Rubber Teether Toy

Natural Rubber Nipples
Natural Rubber Nipples

Fits the glass bottles nicely

Took some time

My baby didn’t like it at first but after 4 mo, loved drinking from it :)

Glass Baby Bottles
Anthony Robinson
Beautiful Bottles

Very stylish


The glass bottles are light amazing our baby loved the nipple! Amazing amazing can’t thank this company enough way easier to clean than nasty plastic that’s not good for babies so thank you!

Glass Baby Bottles
Yunieth Lang

Glass Baby Bottles

Love them!

Our little one isn’t here yet, but I’ve used these same pacifiers with previous babies. I love that they are once piece for easy cleaning and that they are natural. The nipple is also smaller than most infant pacifiers which my babies have always preferred. A Must have baby item for sure!

Love these pacifiers!

Love these natural pacifiers! They are so aesthetically pleasing & my babies love them!

Glass Baby Bottles
Madeline Gibler
Quality matches the price.

I’m still expecting, so I’m not sure how baby will take to this bottle, but I am pleased with the price in relation to the quality of the bottles. It’s hard to find something now a days that I’m happy to spend money on and this bottle is definitely high quality and matches my expectations for baby.

Best Pacifiers

I love these pacifiers so much. They are perfect transition for baby. Helps soothe him to sleep. I love that they are safe for baby.

Best Bottles

I love these bottles they are so beautiful. Easy to clean, I love how safe they are for my baby and baby loves drinking out of them. Easy transition.

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