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Natural Rubber Nipples

Natursutten® Natural Rubber Nipples are much softer than silicone and more resistant to teething/bites. The softness feels more natural for babies, and the nipples create a natural, comforting association for babies using Natursutten pacifiers.
The nipples are made in Italy alongside the Natursutten® pacifier, in a family-run factory that’s been manufacturing natural rubber baby products for three generations.

Choose between Slow Flow and Fast Flow.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Natural Rubber Nipples

Fits the glass bottles nicely

Mr Ban Nguyen
Nice glass bottle designed.

High quality rubber for the baby to enjoy. I had to purchase additional nipples for fast flow for my 6mo+. Other than that, baby seems to drink from bottle really well.

Love all the products

My little boy uses the bottles and the pacifier and they are fantastic. Made from natural products is a massive yes from me and knowing he is putting in his mouth something that is grown by trees puts my mind at ease. The glass bottles are easy to clean and I’ve had no issues with any of these products, my son is 8 months old now.

Necessary for teething!

These are the only bottles my baby will take after teething at 3 months!

Adam L.
Buyer beware: fast-flow are a different shape from the slow-flow

First of all, our baby loves her bottle and she's been drinking from the slow-flow nipples (that came with the bottles) since she was a month old. We've ordered more since then, and haven't had any issues. At around 8 months we decided to switch to the fast-flow nipple so she could drink faster. When the nipples arrived, we were surprised to find they were a different shape. The tip is smaller than the slow-flow nipples. Our baby noticed, too, and doesn't like them at all. She won't drink from them. It's back to the slow-flow for us I guess...