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Glass Baby Bottles
Amazing Anti-Colic Bottle

This bottle is fantastic. I have had to bottle feed my baby since she was 2 weeks old due to tongue and lip ties. I have also had to feed her formula exclusively because of not producing milk. I have tried multiple bottles: Playtex, Kiinde, Mam, Chico, Nuk, and more importantly Dr. Brown's. Out of all of these Dr. Brown's was the best, but definitely still not great. My baby was still in pain and uncomfortable after eating, and I wanted something better. After further researching anti-colic bottles I came across Natursutten bottles, and they have changed everything. My baby still has to burp, but she does not get the painful gas that would last several hours. Her reflux has improved, and she is much more calm and happy after eating. I am not using the nipples it comes with because my baby can't handle faster flow, even the slow ones are too fast for her. She will be able to use them in a few months, though. For now she uses Dr. Brown's nipples, and they work well even with the anti colic valve. I'm so thankful to this company for designing a product that is so simple and much more efficient at reducing air intake during bottle feeding. Also, not having as many complicated parts to wash is a nice perk. They are also durable, I have dropped them in my stainless steel sink a few times on top of each other and they didn't even chip. I don't do that often and have changed how I wash them in the sink because they are glass and glass is breakable, no matter how well it is made. That said, these are definitely worth the price, and as far as I am concerned the best anti-colic bottles money can buy. I now use Natursutten bottles exclusively and will never go back to other brands. If your bottle fed baby struggles with feeding and has difficulty with gas, reflux, etc., please consider these for your little one. I have had so many problems with other bottles causing intense discomfort and pain for my baby, and these have improved her comfort and enjoyment of feeds by 90-99%.

Glass Baby Bottles
Mary Padula

I am so glad to be using GLASS when working with babies in a therapy setting.

My baby loves this bottle. Also there was an issue with shipping that was resolved so quickly!

Natural Rubber Butterfly Pacifier
katty guillen
I'm so happy I found this company

Honestly I couldn't be happier. I wanted to go as natural as possible and when I found this brand it checked all the boxes on my list.

Natural Rubber Butterfly Pacifier
Jendar Morales
Wonderful product

Very well made pacifier. My son loves it.

Natural Rubber Butterfly Pacifier
Laura Jones
Natural Pacifier

The only pacifier our baby will take. She is breast feed and very picky

Glass Baby Bottles
Hillary Dunn
Teething toy

I just received my sons teething toy and it is so soft, and I know he’s going to loved the textured ends! The rubber feels so real and natural. My 8 oz bottles should be here tomorrow and I cannot wait!

Glass Baby Bottles
natassia Sadulsky

Glass Baby Bottles

Natural Rubber Teether Toy
Stephanie Mcgimpsey

My baby absolutely looooves the star teether. Great fast shipping! Will purchase again in the future for sure!!

Natural Rubber Teether Toy

Necessary for teething!

These are the only bottles my baby will take after teething at 3 months!

100% Cotten PaciPixy Comforter
Love the paci pixie

Natursutten was recommended to me by a friend. We are so happy to use only their pacifiers. We actually have called the pacifier “pixie” because since birth we attached it to the pixie doll. He loves it and grabbing the antennas comforts him.

Natural Rubber Teether Toy

Natural Rubber Teether Toy

Natural Rubber Butterfly Pacifier
Julie Eller
Only pacifier I will buy for my babies

This is the only pacifier I have used for my children. It lives up to the European standards for being non toxic and they are so much stricter than in the US.
Will never buy anything else.

Natural Rubber Butterfly Pacifier
Ryan J
The only paci my little man will take!

This is by far the best all-natural pacifier we're purchased to date. It is incredibly soft so little man loves it. Love what this brand stands for and how they also walk the walk! Thank you!

Natural Rubber Original Pacifier

I have 2 month old twin boys & neither of them took to the pacifiers given to us at the hospital so I decided to have them try the Natursutten pacifiers. We’re all satisfied now. These are much better