Choosing your pacifier

How to Choose your Natursutten Pacifier

Natursutten offers a choice of shield shapes, nipple shapes, and sizes for your baby’s pacifier.

How to choose between the Original and Butterfly shield

The shield on the Original Natursutten pacifier is circular.
By gently touching baby’s nose, it simulates breastfeeding more closely.

The Butterfly pacifier has a little cut-out that leaves more room for baby’s nose.

How to choose between the Orthodontic and Rounded nipple

The choice between Rounded or Orthodontic nipple is based on baby’s preference and is difficult to predict. While some babies take both shapes, others are more choosy and needs to try both shapes in order to find the best match.

Both nipple shapes are available with Original and Butterfly shields and in sizes S (0-6 months), M (6-12 months) and L (12 months and above)

How to choose the right size

All Natursutten® pacifiers are available in three guiding sizes:
S (0-6 months), M (6-12 months) and L (12 months and above).
The age ranges are guides only. Some babies prefer a larger and some a smaller nipple.

Caring for your pacifier